How to put new life into a legacy online store?

Written by Paweł Jóźwik | 3 min read

How to put new life into a legacy online store?

There is a saying that states: if something works, do not touch it. Do not change it or modify it. There is a significant risk that you will break it.

What if it's essential to modernize it. Is there a way to do it the right way? Yes! Let me introduce Convibox.

Convibox is a tool that works on top of your online store or website and lets you implement many beneficial modules. You can add recommendation boxes, smart popups, social proof overlays, and many more without any changes to your code.

Let's dive into those modules.

Recommendation box


Convibox recommendation boxes are generated based on Google Analytics data. Sales history is analyzed and used to introduce sellable products to the client in many placements like shopping cart, product page, category listing, or main page. The recommendation box looks and behaves like a native shop element.

Most implementations result in a sales increase. Show the right product at the right time, and it will help your customer make good decisions.

Smart popups


Convibox can smartly trigger popups. The system is waiting for specific events like exit intent behavior, long timeout on-site, especially on the shopping cart, and many more.

One of the best use scenarios is in the shopping cart whey the client tries to abandon the cart or left it for too long. Convibox displays the popup with a special discount and tries to convince the client to complete the purchase.

Most implementations of the cart rescue module result in increased average order value and lower cart abandonment rate.

Social proof overlays and active offer descriptors


Convibox lets you implement smart overlays on the product page. It can put overlays with information about product availability and remind the client that the product is popular and will end soon.

This module is trying to work as an active commentator of the offer. Provided information should help buyers make a decision and direct their attention.

Internal promotion module

As you probably know, most of the traffic to your shop is not landing on the home page. Most of your special offers and promotions are advertised on the homepage.

It means that most visitors can't see your marketing message.

Convibox provides a module to run internal promotion campaigns for all clients on every page of the store. The campaign results in much better reach of your marketing.

Let's sum up

There is plenty of new activities and elements you can put on your store without the need for and code changes. Smart tools like Convibox can upgrade a legacy store significantly.


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