Recommendation engine for your shop

Written by Paweł Jóźwik | 2 min read

Recommendation engine for your shop

Recommendations are always helpful. Guiding your clients to make the right choice is good for you and your client. A happy customer will come back and recommend you to his friends.

Now the most common practice is to show your promotions, new products, and bestsellers on the homepage. Those three lists are quite useful, but they are only on the home page, and they are static. People's attention is a precious thing that you should use it wisely.

Less is more. An intelligent recommendation box can show more in less space. With only one list placed on every page of the store, we can significantly increase our reach.

When a customer is browsing the products, we can show him other related products. When he is browsing the other pages of the shop, we can show him bestsellers and promotions. Every time a recommendation engine chooses the best products and try to highlight different ones. The list is always fresh and contextually composed.

It's the main distinction between static lists and intelligent recommendations.

The right placement

The full implementation of the Convibox recommendation engine is composed of boxes placed on the homepage, category page, product page, blog page, and a shopping cart.

Each placement behaves differently. On the homepage, the system highlights the bestsellers. On the category page, the best products from the category. On the product page, others frequently bought products and both together products.


Werry exciting thing is happening on the shopping cart page where the system is trying to remind you of accessories and other frequently bought together items.

All the above mechanisms add up to increased conversion and better shopping experience. We are very excited to see how Convibox can boost sales in your shop. If you are interested, please reach us.


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