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Maximize sales with behavioral science.

Human behavior is predictable and prone to influence. Appropriate techniques, implemented at the right time, effectively guide our actions. Smart approach and behavioral knowledge are the keys to achieving the desired effect.

The exposure effect, the power of authority, the limited availability effect, promoting here and now, the “get for free” effect, social proof and distinct features are smart techniques we interweave between all modules in use.

With Convibox, you upgrade your store with elements which deliver stunning results from day one.

Recovering carts

Reducing the number of abandoned carts

The effect of unexpected promotion limited to here and now. The expected result: increased conversion, increased average cart value, reduced number of abandoned carts.

Find out how Humbi increased conversion by 27%

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Inteligent recommendations and upselling

Increase of order value, smart suggestions of additional products.

Social proof effect, additional exposure, offer exploration effect, accessory reminder effect. The expected results: increased average cart value, improved sales of promoted products.

Find out how e-lakiernik increased the sales of a single product by 120%!

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Smart communication of promotions

Reach store visitors with promotions effectively

The effect of additional exposure of products and offers. Finding inspiration and exploring the offer. The expected results: significant increase of exposure of selected promotions and products, higher sales of the promoted offers.

Find out how Bludshop increased promotion views by 1035%

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Social proof campaigns

Show what others like in your store

Social proof effect and additional exposure of products. The most typical results: significantly increased exposure of selected products, boosted customer confidence.

Lead campaigns

Recieve more offer inquiuries.

Get for free effect, social proof effect, authority effect. Expected results: increased number of offer inquiries.

Newsletter campaigns

Build an effective email database.

Get for free effect, authority effect, social proof effect. Expected results: increased newsletter subscriptions.

Limited availability effect

Inform about limited stock, limited availability and clearance.

Limited availability effect, social proof effect and additional exposure.

They are with us:

Comprehensive service

We provide full implementation of Convibox. Our conversion optimization specialist will suggest modules and set up details of their operation. Next, we enable the selected modules and actively monitor their operation.

We launch the system on any website, any engine, at no additional cost or work on the client’s side.

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Convibox works with any system:

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Convibox does not use and does not collect user data and is fully secure.

Convibox does not profile users. The recommendation module works based on a unique algorithm fully compliant with legal requirements on the protection of personal data.

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