Cart recovery

Smart mechanism detecting the will to abandon the cart and an alarming inactivity.

Cart recovery


Reacting to exit intent

The worst case cart scenario is closing the window and giving up on the purchase. Some less harmful yet highly unwelcome behavior involves moving to a different tab or window in the search of discount codes or comparing the prices in other stores.

Detecting such behaviors and reacting accordingly is extremely important for the final purchase decision.


Reacting to inactivity

Inactivity in the cart is a sign that the client is engaged in activities outside of the purchase process. The cart is a page which needs quick navigation to the order form. In such a case, detecting inactivity and reacting is crucial.


Measurement and optimization

Fine tuning the mechanism, testing various forms of reactions to the identified activities, and measuring the results ensure maximum benefits at minimum cost.

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Example campaign and its results

The most popular and proven strategy assumes the following scenario:

  • Enable detection of will to exit the window
  • Enable detection of inactivity longer than the average time spent on the cart page according to the store’s Google Analytics
  • React to the event and display full-size popup tip covering thestore
  • The popup tip grants 5% discount for completing the order
  • Discount activated automatically after clicking the button

Our clients often fear they grant free discounts resulting from potential false detections. Such a concern raises the question whether the customer would still complete the purchase having not received the discount.

To illustrate it with numbers, let us look at Google Analytics data for one of our campaigns:

In this case, the purchase probability for all users is 2%. Clients receiving the unexpected discount to recover the cart show purchase probability of 72%!.

Why does it work?

An unexpected discount is a gift which triggers 2 behavioral mechanisms. Firstly, this is free money and we observe a tendency to spend it immediately shopping for additional items. It frequently contributes to higher average order values.

What is more, we instill the fear of losing the just-received gift. Customers are not certain if they can activate their rebates later and the inclination to seal the deal increases dramatically.

A small discount could be a decisive factor when comparing prices across different stores. The money value of 5% discount may at times be equal to the shipping cost or allow purchasing some additional items. The customer feels content with the instant gratification. There is a growing perception of the order being a great deal.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that a rebate in the cart offers a handy reply to the most asked buyer’s question: “Do I get a discount”?

The campaign results speak for themselves:

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Comprehensive service

We provide full implementation of Convibox. Our conversion optimization specialist will suggest modules and set up details of their operation. Next, we enable the selected modules and actively monitor their operation.

We launch the system on any website, any engine, at no additional cost or work on the client’s side.

Convibox works with any system:

Integrate Convibox with:


Convibox does not use and does not collect user data and is fully secure.

Convibox does not profile users. The recommendation module works based on a unique algorithm fully compliant with legal requirements on the protection of personal data.

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