Internal promotion

Clever way to inform customers about promotions in your store

Internal promotion


Homepage slider does not reach anyone

The spot you pay the most attention to reaches minority of visitors. Having uploaded several banners to the main slider, you can be quite certain that no one views more than 3 images...

On top of that, it turns out that around half of visitors does not even go past the homepage!

In practice, it means that the most appealing offerings, promotions, and news do not reach the users. The entire internal marketing is ineffective.


Different approach

Give up on internal promotions condensed in overlooked banners. Display promotions in a smart way. Convibox internal promotion campaign transforms your sliders into smaller promotion popup tips displayed on the bottom of each subpage. The system ensures that each visitor views each banner 2 or 3 times. It measures banner clicks and continues the campaign for the unclicked ones.


Measurement and optimization

The mechanism guarantees reaching visitors with the promotion and automatically adjusts display parameters to achieve the most effective results.

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Example implementation

Proper-sized popup tip on the bottom of the page, when viewed unexpectedly, will attract the visitors attention. The tip then disappears and another one pops up according to the campaign settings. The campaign ensures proper display pauses to avoid the distraction effect. The mechanism aims at clicking the banner.

Why does it work?

The internal promotion mechanism works because promotions are extremely appealing. Standard banners and sliders are ineffective as they fail to reach recipients. Standard banners and sliders are rather unproductive as they fail to reach recipients.

Check how it works in your store, totally free and with full support.

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Comprehensive service

We provide full implementation of Convibox. Our conversion optimization specialist will suggest modules and set up details of their operation. Next, we enable the selected modules and actively monitor their operation.

We launch the system on any website, any engine, at no additional cost or work on the client’s side.

Convibox works with any system:

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Convibox does not use and does not collect user data and is fully secure.

Convibox does not profile users. The recommendation module works based on a unique algorithm fully compliant with legal requirements on the protection of personal data.

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