Recommendations and upselling

Show the right product in the right place, at the right time.

Recommendations and upselling



The key aspects of a successful recommendation campaign and sales are the place and the context of product presentation.

Cart is one of the most effective places to present additional product. Based on the product added to the cart, we can predict other items one may be interested to buy. Other places offering good conversion is the product page and the moment client adds the product to the cart. The icing on the cake is the eye-catching presentation of the products on offer.


Systemic approach

The recommendation system requires continuous learning. Convibox Recommendations use Machine Learning technology to generate unique product sets based on context, client’s behavior and the current stock.


Measurement and optimization

All product boxes and places of display are continuously monitored for their effectiveness and improved on a current basis.

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Example implementation

Smart Cart recommendations based on products previously added to the cart and original algorithm including information about the current stock and promotions.

Recommendations on the product tab displayed as a bubble overlay in lower corner based on the currently viewed product.

Popup tip recommendations displayed once the product is added to the cart.

Convibox offers free implementation of recommendations in terms of viewing and the display location regardless of the e-commerce platform and its capabilities. Convibox significantly improves capabilities of store engines.

Why does it work?

Cart recommendations work because this is the last call to consider additional items. Frequently, clients are not fully familiar with the offer and do not know what to buy. Another reason is not remembering about the required accessories. Optimizing shipping costs and the delivery time is yet another stimulus to check the recommendations block.

Recommendations in other parts of the store, including the product tab, deliver results because significant proportion of sessions starts and finishes in a single product tab. Recommendations displayed in this area are a great opportunity to promote internally and present the most interesting products.

Test your store for 7 days at no cost!

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Comprehensive service

We provide full implementation of Convibox. Our conversion optimization specialist will suggest modules and set up details of their operation. Next, we enable the selected modules and actively monitor their operation.

We launch the system on any website, any engine, at no additional cost or work on the client’s side.

Convibox works with any system:

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Convibox does not use and does not collect user data and is fully secure.

Convibox does not profile users. The recommendation module works based on a unique algorithm fully compliant with legal requirements on the protection of personal data.

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