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Convibox recommendation module

Recommendation boxes can add more than 20% to your revenue.

You can run Convibox recommendation boxes instantly and without any integration cost.

Display Convibox recommendations in the shopping cart, on the product page, on the home page, and other places visited by your clients like info pages and your blog.

Convibox recommendations use sales history data, availability information, product statuses, and actual product context to select recommended products.

The most effective module is placed in the shopping cart and presents products related to the ones in the basket.

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Conversion boosters

Reduce cart abandonment

You should always actively react to every exit intent behavior and no activity in the shopping cart. Intelligent Convibox cart abandonment modules trigger and propose special offers like a discount.

Convibox can detect cart value or products in cart and introduce different benefits or coupons for different amounts and content.

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Discount introduced at the right time to the right clients can help you increase conversion rates and increase order value.

We observe lower cart abandonment in all ongoing campaigns and an increase in order value in most of them.


Social proof and active info overlays

Moduł social proof Convibox

Active communication around the store can act as a real assistant who communicates essential information and convince clients to purchase.

Convibox text overlays and graphic banners can be triggered based on customer behavior on-site and according to the site content.

With the help of active communication, its possible to direct attention to availability, product popularity, price, or other factors.

The module works based on configured scenarios.

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Lead Generation and Newsletter forms

Moduł lead generating proof Convibox

Lead Generation can be effective! Just show the forms at the right moment for visitors who are interested in your offer.

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Newsletter forms don't have to be invasive. You can trigger them in the right place and time.

Convibox lets you setup intelligent scenarios and collects more subscribers and leads. It allows the use of on-site user behavior and trigger capping to set up just the right amount of activities.

All-inclusive offer

Convibox is an all-inclusive offer. We help to integrate all the beneficial modules with no additional cost.

Convibox works with every shopping platform and website CMS.

Convibox doesn't collect any user data or your website visitor's activities, doesn't do user profiling. Convibox is RODO friendly.

Every integration starts with shop analysis. We use Google Analytics to gather knowledge to suggest you the best use of Convibox modules.

In the next step, we prepare the demo versions of the Convibox modules for you to see how it all works in your shop. Finally, all modules are published live.

During the live campaign, we provide you all the necessary reports and optimize the whole setup. Our goal is to increase your conversion rate and revenue.

We invite you to try Convibox!

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